Delivering dependable IT solutions since 1999.

At Infinite IT, we believe technology should be simple. As a process-driven organization, we are passionate about providing accurate and timely services that make dollars and sense.

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Leave the IT to us and get back to business.

With an award-winning and globally-certified ISO organization as your IT partner, you can rest assured that your technology and data is safe. We'll keep you informed, help plan for the future, safeguard vital systems, and spare you the technical mumbo jumbo.  


Joe Ussia

Chief Executive Officer


Christopher Stock 

Chief Information Officer

Our Leadership

Combining their unique skills and talents, CEO Joe Ussia and CIO Chris Stock lead Infinite IT with a mission to provide businesses with truly affordable and reliable IT solutions. Over the years, the dynamic duo have established best-in-class IT and have helped hundreds of organizations across Canada (and won some notable awards, too!). 

Passionate about building a solid company based on real values, Joe and Chris have crafted a team based on traditional family values, giving back to customers and community, and the importance of taking time to kick back. 

Award-winning support

Infinite IT has been awarded one of the Top 50 Managed IT Providers in Canada, every year since 2016. With over 70 high-level certified technicians and ISO certified solutions, we’re ready to handle your team's IT needs.

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Our Culture

At Infinite IT, we're all about focus, fun, and food. We focus on customer needs, make time for fun, and start each Friday with a shared breakfast. We treat our team like family because our people are what makes Infinite IT the place it is and why our customers keep coming back for more.

Our Credo

At Infinite IT, our Credo isn't just a list of values we thought sounded good. It's our foundation, our philosophy, our core beliefs.

Protecting and enabling your business is the core of our mission, and we are passionate about doing just that. Our responsibility as an IT service provider is to make technology and cybersecurity simple, affordable, and stress-free. We promise to always treat others with respect, dignity, and avoid complicated tech talk. At the end of the day—if we say we'll do something, we do it. You won't have to ask twice.

It's our firm belief that genuine relationships are the key to a happy, successful life. Building authentic bonds with our team, staff, customers, family, and friends gives each day meaning and privilege we never take for granted. We believe our team is an extension of our family. We make the effort to share, connect, and dine together at least once a week.

We strive to protect the planet for the future generations to come, because today's children are tomorrow's leaders, workers, and teachers. From recycling to using suppliers who practice sustainable procurement, we meet our objectives without sacrificing the environment.

Looking to sell your MSP?

Are you ready for change, trying to figure out your succession plan, or are just tired of the IT space? You might just be in luck.