iConnect Reliable and secure connectivity for your business.

From wireless to copper to fibre connectivity solutions, we eliminate the overhead and complexities connecting your offices and simplify the architecture based on secure, simple and sound designs. Faster internet with more security and completely managed. It's what internet connectivity was always meant to be like.

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The simple, cost-effective solution for staying connected

Stop juggling multiple internet service providers across Canada. Instead of having many throats to choke, move to iConnect services and have one back to pat. No matter where in Canada you need connectivity, we've got you covered.

The most complex MPLS designs become the simplest private wide area networks with private data centre access.

Simplify your company's connectivity and data centre needs with an ISO certified service that thousands of companies have come to rely on: 


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Streamlining productivity where it counts.

No Long Wait Times Your team is busy, and downtime isn't an option. Our expert team is here to get things up and running quickly.
One Call for it All There's no need to deal with multiple internet providers. We do it all. From one location to hundreds, Infinite IT enables you to take control of your internet services.
Automatic Price Tendering Connections are automatically tendered before, during and at the end of your term. . We have access to fibre you don’t, so let us find you the lowest cost solution possible.
Enterprise-level Support Infinite IT has been awarded one of the Top 50 Managed IT Providers in Canada, every year since 2016. With over 70, high-level certified technicians, we’re ready to handle your team's IT needs.

We're ISO certified!

iConnect is certified with two ISO certifications from Bureau Veritas, the leading certification body in the world.  Because of these certifications, you know you’re getting the best with Infinite IT. 

Unique Designs Save You Money

With iConnect, we integrate data centres with wide area fibre on a private layer to centralize security, reduce hardware purchases, increase network security and simplify your network. Don’t pay for big-brass MPLS solutions when you can have twice the redundancy and greater security for a fraction of the cost. 

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Stress less with simple and secure connectivity.

Why deal with the large ISP’s that treat you like a number? At Infinite IT, we know you’re more than that. Blend iConnect with our other offerings to take back control of your IT.